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What do we offer?

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Software, hardware, services, and support across every stage of product development, from initial sketch to manufacturing. Explore a selection of our solutions below.

Explore concepts and realise your ideas with easy-to-use software. Define and validate the form, fit, and function of your design before committing to expensive prototypes.


Comprehensive mainstream desktop 3D CAD software to conceptualize, validate and communicate your designs.

Create photorealistic images, animations, and VR content directly from your CAD files. Perfect for marketing and design reviews.

3D Sculptor
Intuitive subdivision modeling tools that speed up the creation of stylized, ergonomic, or organic shaped designs.

Why Trimech?

Expertise, Scale, and Advice

At TriMech we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our highly experienced technical teams and vast range of technology enable us to offer solutions and support regardless of the size of your business, or the complexity of your requirements.

250+ Technical Specialists

Our experts are drawn from a range of backgrounds through careful recruitment, internal development, and acquisitions of best-in-class businesses. Whatever the task, our experienced and talented engineering teams can provide you with unmatched service and advice.

50+ Office Locations

With offices spread throughout the US, Canada and Europe, we can provide local support to more businesses. We continue to grow and open new locations as we work towards building the world's best design and engineering services and technology provider.

30,000+ Clients

Our success is intrinsically linked to our clients. As a solutions partner, our reputation is determined on the successful delivery of our services and, as such, we always aim to build strong and long-term relationships.

World Class Training

We recognize that education, training, and personal development is a key part of client success. Our training teams deliver thousands of courses to individuals to help them perform the jobs better, deliver higher value to their employers, and excel through their careers.

Manufacturing Solutions

In the interconnected world of design and manufacturing we continue to pursue the latest technology offerings so we can provide full turnkey solutions in the manufacturing space from additive manufacture, 3D printing, CAM, complex CNC and more.

Project Engineering Services

We recognize that businesses need to remain agile and adaptable. Our project services can provide resources or take on design work to help clients deliver their projects on time and on budget.

Staffing Services

It's all about who you know... Over decades we have built contacts and connections to create a recruitment and contract staffing division that help clients find the right people to meet their specific permanent or temporary recruitment requirements.

Client Focused Support

We have hundreds of engineers who provide dedicated support to clients across the full range of our services and solutions. We ensure every investment made with us is fully onboarded and delivers the success our clients expect.

Our Trusted Clients and Partners

Featured Client Story

Dexai Robotics

Transforming Commercial Kitchens

"There’s a big human component that I really appreciate about TriMech. It’s very easy to get on the phone with them or email them and get an answer.

Even as we were researching 3DEXPERIENCE and comparing it with other products on the market, they seemed to have unlimited time to go through the decision-making process, which was amazing.

TriMech allowed me, as an individual with no IT experience, to roll out a PLM product to a big team."

Justin Rooney
Hardware Team Lead at Dexai Robotics

Who are the TriMech Group?

With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions that are unrivalled in the industry.

We provide services ranging from 3D CAD design and software solutions, to advanced manufacturing processes, encompassing component production through additive manufacturing, to the sale and support of 3D printing machines of all sizes.

Our engineering & consultancy teams provide technical expertise for design optimization, whilst offering software and training to empower clients for in-house tasks. By harnessing cloud services and on-premise solutions, we help clients negate overheads traditionally associated with IT infrastructure.

We also offer full-scale recruitment services, and can supply contract resources tailored to your specific industry and business requirements.

How do we accomplish all this?
We are an international team that has brought together respected brands and top-tier expertise to establish a world-class organization.

The TriMech Group combines TriMech's 20 years of experience with those of businesses such as Solid Solutions, Javelin, Adaptive Corporation, Design Rule, and Desktop Engineering to create a unique and global team.

We operate in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom & Ireland, as well as the Nordic regions, boasting a team of hundreds of highly qualified and experienced engineers who excel in various technical domains, including design, collaboration, simulation, analysis, process and workflow optimization, product data management, lifecycle management, manufacturing and production floor solutions.

No matter the size or complexity of your challenges, our team stands ready to deliver tailored advice and sophisticated solutions to meet your unique needs. Trust in our wealth of global experience.

"The design would not have been possible without SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys 3D printers, and our great relationship with TriMech."

Ryan Priddy
Video Gaming Technologies

"There's no single thing that's a huge home run in our use of 3DEXPERIENCE because everything is an immediate benefit. Every application on the platform has an impact."

Chris Ruthstrom
Chief Engineer for North America Operations

"TriMech's Project Engineering Group was the epitome of professional. The team gave me great guidance and really brought life to every detail.

In the patent stages, my attorney stated that the 3D and mechanical renderings were some of the best he'd ever seen - and that's coming from a patent attorney of 25 years!

TriMech worked within my budget and handed me quality deliverables."

Neil Lesher

"I have to say what an awesome team they are. TriMech right away came and helped us, and they opened that door to Dassault Systèmes for us and let us into their subject matter experts.

They helped us configure the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for the functionality that it has, but you can't [design] without these partnerships."

Jim McMillan
Head of PLM, Vertical Aerospace

"The design was printed, checked in process, modified, reprinted, checked and approved... all in one day! It's hard to match that conventionally."

Bill McKlveen
Arbiser Machine

"I want Morgan to be progressive, I want us to stay at the front edge. I don't want us to be laying back just because we're successful - we're looking to the future."

Graham Chapman
Technology Director at Morgan Motors.